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Command Cheet sheet

Cheet sheet created by By Frederic Kasmirczak (, I just simply converted it to a wiki for copy and paste easiness.

Main Command Structure
Command Description
show Display changes to the default configuration
get List the configuration of the current object or table
edit Create or edit a table in the current object
edit 0 will use the next ID available in a sequence number
set Set a filed / Reset a field to the default value
end Save the current changes
abort Exit commands without saving the fields
delete Remove a table from the current object
Command Description
get sys status Show status summary
get sys perf stat Show Fortigate ressources summary
execute ping Ping something
execute shutdown Shutdown the device/reboot with reboot
get sys arp Show the current arp table
execute date/time Show the current date / time
delete Remove a table from the current object
Command Description
show sys int Show interfaces status
Sh sys int ? will show a summary
config sys interface
edit port1
set ip x.x.x.x/y.y
set allowaccess ssh ping
Basic interface ip configuration
diag netlink device list Show interfaces statistics (errors)
get hardware nic port1 Show interfaces statistics
Command Description
diag hard deviceinfo disk Show disks and partitions usage
diag sys flash list Show partitions status
execute set­next­reboot Select partition for the next reboot
execute factoryreset Reset to factory default (2 to keep network)
execute formatlogdisk Format log disk
Static Routing
Command Description
config router static
edit 0
set device internal
Set dst x.x.x.x/y.y
set gateway z.z.z.z
Add a static route
get router info routingtable details x.x.x.x Display the route used to reach the IP x.x.x.x
Default gw will show Network not in table
get router info routingtable database Display the current routing table
diag ip route list Display the kernel routing table
Backup / Restore
Command Description
exe restore conf Backup Fortigate configuration
exe backup config Restore Fortigate configuration
High availability
Command Description
get sys ha status
diag sys ha status
Show HA conf summary
diag deb en
diag deb console timestamp
diag deb app hatalk ­1
diag deb app hasync ­1
Troubleshoot HA synchronization issue
diag sys ha showcsum <int> Show the config file checksum (can be execute on both members to compare)
exec ha synchronize all Synchronize all parts of the configuration
diag sys ha reset­uptime Reset ha uptime criteria
diag sniffer packet haint 'ether[12:2]=0x8890' 6 Sniffer on heartbeat ports (here haint)
exec ha manage <id> Connect on a subordonate device
Command Description
diag debug enable
diag debug flow show console enable
diag debug flow show function­name en
diag debug flow filter saddr x.x.x.x
diag debug flow filter daddr y.y.y.y
diag debug flow filter dport z
diag debug flow trace start 100
Debug flow
diag sniffer packet <interface> <filter> <verbose> <count> <a>
<interface> physical, virtual, any <filter> functionality using filter <verbose> there are six verbose levels:
1­print header of packets
2­print header and data from the IP header of the packets
3­print header and data from the Ethernet header of the packets
4­print header of packets with interface name 5­print header and data from ip of packets with interface name
6­print header and data from thernet of packets with interface name <count> the number of packets <a> to enable absolute timestamp
Packet capture
diag sys session filter dst x.x.x.x
diag sys session filter src y.y.y.y
diag sys session filter proto Z
diag sys session list
Show session table
diag sys session filter src x.x.x.x
diag sys session filter proto zdiag sys session filter dport y diag sys session clear
Clear session table
diag debug crashlog read Show crashlog
diag debug report Collect lots of information
(show tech Cisco like)
Command Description
diag vpn ike gateway list Show phase 1
diag vpn tunnel list Show phase 2
diag vpn ike gateway flush name <phase1> Flush a phase 1
diag vpn tunnel up <phase2> Bring up a phase 2
diag debug app ike ­1
diag debug enable
Troubleshoot VPN issue

CLI Commands


Show HA Status

get system ha status

Show HA Checksum

Depending on version it will be either of the below:

check ha checksum
diagnose sys ha checksum show

Start HA Sync

exec ha synchronize start

Force failover

diagnose sys ha reset-uptime

Factory reset

This will wipe the unit and restore it to factory defaults, ensure you have a backup before continuing.

execute factoryreset


Configure Syslog

config log syslogd setting
    set status enable
    set reliable enable
    set facility local0
    set source-ip <ip>      
    set server <ip>
    set port 514